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If you are going out with friends and plan to have a few alcoholic beverages -- responsibly, with a designated driver -- there are ways to speed up and increase the effects of the alcohol. Although many of these methods do result in worse hangover symptoms the next day, if you are looking for an improvement on your buzz, you do have a few available options.

Ask for a stronger drink. The stronger the drink the more impact it has on you. Spirits such as rum, whiskey, vodka and gin are going to have a greater effect because of their more concentrated alcohol content than wine and beer. Typically, wine has a higher alcohol content than beer, although this depends on the beer and wine. Some Belgian beers, for example, can be quite high in alcohol content.

Avoid eating. Food in your stomach absorbs alcohol, allowing you to pass some of it with less effect. A recent meal also slows down the absorption of alcohol, which is most efficient in the small intestine. Food both reduces the peak blood alcohol concentration and delays it -- the larger and more recent the meal, the more it slows down and blunts alcohol's effect.

Stick with alcohol, and avoid water. Although a lot of water with your booze is extremely effective in preventing a hangover the next day, you'll be left with a lighter buzz.

Exercise in cardio. The less you weigh the more alcohol impacts you, and the less you need to drink for the impact. Weight training builds muscle, however, which actually improves your overall tolerance for alcohol. So avoid the weights, and stick to cardio workouts such as running, biking and swimming.

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