Everyone, at least prospective brides, loves a bridal show. They are the perfect venue to learn about the best places to help in putting together the perfect wedding. While putting together a bridal show can be a lot of fun for all involved, it is also a lot of work. Don't allow yourself to become frustrated with the process that can have its ups and downs. Instead, keep your eye on the prize -- a pleased audience of future customers.

Choose the appropriate venue. This is where you get to be creative and think outside the box. Every town is different, so it is imperative that you pay attention to current trends in your area. Are the brides-to-be (and their parents) small town, religious folk? Consider hosting your bridal show in a large church with a reception hall that can accommodate a large group, vendors, and refreshments. If you live in a larger area with a popular mall, you can host your show there so long as your shop and vendors are either from the mall itself or are not in competition with current shop owners.

Advertise. Start plugging your show at least a month before it is scheduled. Barter for airtime with your local radio station, have a local reporter do a write-up about your endeavor for the paper. Place fliers in the shops of all the vendors you have invited to the show. Advertise in the neighboring towns as well to draw a large crowd and hopefully expand your customer base.

Offer your audience variety. No one wants to attend a bridal show that only offers information on dresses, tuxedos and flowers. Invite jewelers, cake decorators, caterers, wedding planners, and travel agents along with the basic vendors. Don't forget that DJs, musical talent and photographers are also important to the big day. Display tables should have a varying style of invitations, wedding party gifts, and accessories for the show.

Put on a fun show. If you are hosting your bridal show in your town's mall, invite some of the mall employees to model your dresses and tuxedos for the event. Have a DJ on hand to play fun music while the models strut their stuff. Offer them gift certificates or discounts on merchandise in exchange for their services. Insist that your vendors contribute to a give-away basket that some lucky winner will take home after the show. Decorate the designated area with bridal decor that includes merchandise from some of the vendors, putting the audience in the mood to start planning (and buying).