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It may seem cliché, but there really are few things that beat the smell of bacon in the morning. While fresh bacon tastes the best, sometimes you don’t have the time to cook bacon, but you might have leftover bacon in the refrigerator that you can reheat to bring to a breakfast with friends or to eat when you get to work. You can heat up the bacon for a few quick seconds in a microwave or place the bacon in the oven for a few minutes to heat it up. The bacon will still taste as delicious as if you just cooked it.

Warm up the bacon for 30-45 seconds in a microwave. Place the bacon on a paper towel before heating it up, remove it carefully from the microwave when done and serve.

Place the bacon in a baking pan and cover it with foil. Put the pan in an oven set at 400 degrees F and cook until you hear the bacon sizzle. This should take about 5 minutes and is a perfect method if you need to transport the bacon because it is already covered.

Toss the bacon on a skillet if you are just warming it up for a late riser. The skillet method doesn’t work as well if the bacon has been refrigerated, but if the bacon has just cooled slightly, you can return it to a skillet for a few minutes to quickly warm it right up.

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