How to Heal a Bruise. Bruises are part of life. They arise from trauma to part of the body that is enough to break small blood vessels. The blood escapes into the surrounding tissue and shows up as a dark blue or purple area on the skin. It appears below the skin's surface down inside the actual muscle tissue. Take the discoloration away and remove the pain.

Use Vick's Vapor Rub or any other medicated rub to remove the swelling, reduce the inflammation and help increase blood flow to the damaged area. Using ice to reduce the swelling and increasing the blood flow will provide the ability for the body to heal itself. The medicated rub will reduce the pain through the effects of menthol.

Apply bandages to the area. Soak pieces in Witch Hazel. This treatment will promote healing and aid in the removal of the small particles of blood by the blood stream. Witch Hazel is widely known as an astringent, an antiseptic and an anti-inflammatory.

Spread on fresh crushed parsley leaves to the area of injury. Repeat the application several times a day. Parsley has the ability to reduce blood vessels and will help broken ones disappear within a few days.

Use arnica tincture to aid in pain relief and healing. Arnica is a homeopathic remedy for bruises. Place a few drops of the tincture in a cup of water, soak a cloth in it and apply to the injured area as part of the bandage. Arnica is an anti-inflammatory antiseptic and is pain relieving in nature.