How to Give Yourself a Foot and Leg Mask

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One of the nicest things you can do to care for your tired, overworked feet and legs is pamper them. But spa treatments with professionals are usually by appointment only and can take a bite out of the pocketbook. You can save time, gas and money if you learn to give yourself a foot and leg mask at home.

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How To Give Yourself A Foot And Leg Mask

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Decide why you want a foot and leg mask. If you need to moisturize dry, cracked feet, use a volcanic clay-based product; use a lemon or peppermint solution if you want to invigorate tired muscles. You can purchase products or learn to make your own (see Resources below).

Soak your feet in warm water for about 12 minutes. Remove one foot from the water and dry it thoroughly. Massage the appropriate type mask into your skin, starting just below the knee and working down to your foot.

Mask the top and bottom of your foot. Don't forget to massage the product in between your toes and under your toenails.

Cover your foot, once you've finished, with a plastic bag or a piece of plastic wrap cut large enough to fit around the foot. Wrap a towel around the plastic to create warmth and repeat the same steps on your other foot and leg.


  • Plan a tootsies therapy party and invite your best pals for a group pampering session. To create a relaxing atmosphere, place several scented candles around, play relaxing music and serve fruity beverages and decadent desserts.