How to Give a Pantyhose Foot Massage

By Contributing Writer

After a long day, there is not much nicer than a relaxing foot massage. Keeping that in mind, a great thing you can do for someone you care about is learn to give a proper pantyhose foot massage and surprise her when she gets home from work. This is a great way to show your affection and spark some romance in a relationship.

How to Give a Pantyhose Foot Massage

Step 1

Ask before you begin rubbing someone's pantyhose-covered feet unless you know that they will enjoy it. Grabbing someone's feet who is not expecting it, is extremely ticklish or has issues with her feet is an immediate mood killer and may make things tense. You should have a pretty good knowledge of what the other person likes if you've been with them for a while.

Step 2

Remove the shoe but leave the pantyhose on. It's more convenient for the person you're massaging to not have to take off her pantyhose before receiving a massage. The pantyhose can work with you as a sort of slippery layer that will allow you to rub more thoroughly, which replaces the need for creams or massage oils.

Step 3

Be careful not to do the pantyhose foot massage with your fingernails or too roughly. You want to give a nice pantyhose foot massage without causing runs in the pantyhose.

Step 4

Stretch the foot out by holding on to the ball of the foot and pushing it forward and backward. This will prepare the muscles and begin loosening up any tension that may be residing in the feet. It's also a gentle build-up to the massage.

Step 5

Loosen up the muscles of the foot some more by rubbing the foot all over. This will warm the foot up and make the muscles easier to work with and smooth out. Not only will this make your work easier, it will also ensure that you don't accidently injure the person you are massaging.

Step 6

Place your thumbs on top of the foot's arch and squeeze the underside with your fingers. Apply to the top of the foot a moderate amount of pressure. Too much may cause injury or discomfort, while too little will not produce any results at all.

Step 7

Grind your fist into the sole of the foot while holding on with the other hand. After this, leave your hand on the foot and grasp the foot with the hand you were making the fist with. Rub up and down on the sole of the foot with your thumbs. You can perform steps five and six for as long as you feel is needed or until the person tells you to stop.