How to Give a Guy Curves

By Louise Harding

Making a masculine form look feminine is an easy task to accomplish with the lingerie choices available today. Gel bras are a natural choice because the gel mimics the human breast as far as shaping and composition appearance. Foam padded bras are also a good choice. To create the rounded look of feminine hips and buttocks, numerous lingerie stores sell padded underwear with both permanent and removable pads of foam and gel. Wearing control top pantyhose, or nylons, instantly shapes the legs and controls stomach bulges, creating a slimming, curvy appearance.

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Step 1

Measure around your chest with the tape measure. Choose the bra size that fits your chest measurement. Cup size is up to you. You can purchase additional foam inserts, or gel pads to fill in any gaps between the cups and your chest wall. If you are a larger framed man, shop plus size departments to find bra bands for your measurement.

Step 2

Measure your waist and hips to determine the size of padded underwear to buy. Shops catering to lingerie customers and exotic dancers carry a wide array of underwear styles with padding on the buttocks and hips. Because many of these underwear are made from spandex type fabrics, consider the tightness of the fabric on the male anatomy.

Step 3

Determine the size of pantyhose by your height and weight. The box or package will usually have a chart on the back showing the appropriate size according to height and weight measurements. Choose a control top, extra leg support for the best contouring of your legs, stomach, hips and buttocks.

Step 4

Choose a pair of high-heeled shoes in your size. There are many websites that cater to women's shoes in men's sizes. If in doubt of your size, measure the length of your foot from the end of your big toe to the end of your heel. Measure the width of the widest part of your foot. High heels position the feet in a manner that contours the leg's muscles, making them look more curvaceous.