How to Give a Finger Massage

By LeafTV Editor

The hands are often an overlooked part of the body during massage, but hand and finger massage is one of the best ways to relax the entire body. Particularly useful for those who spend the day working with their hands, a finger massage simply cannot be beat. A few tips will get you started.

Hand and finger massage
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How To Give A Finger Massage


Place a small amount of oil or lotion in your hands and then rub your hands together briskly to warm your hands and the oil. Because working on small areas like the fingers can become awkward with too much lubricant, make sure that you only use a small amount. Add an extra touch when you give a finger massage by using vitamin E oil or adding lavender essential oil to the mix, helping to heal and moisturize the skin at the same time.

Hold the client's hand so that the upper arm can relax onto the massage table. Pick up the hands with both of your hands, placing the palm face up with your thumbs in the center of the palm and fingers supporting the top of the hand and wrist.

Begin by warming up the palm, using your thumbs to work in circular motions. Pay special attention to the base of the palm as well as the heel of the palm where the bones of the thumb and fingers join the palm.

Support the wrist with one hand and begin to work on the fingers. Grip the fingers firmly, wrapping all of your fingers around a single finger and then squeeze and twist gently as you slowly pull down the finger. Repeat three to five times on each finger. During this motion you can gently pull the fingers down towards the top of the hand to add a gentle stretch.

Finish the finger massage by gripping each finger individually with your thumb and index finger, placing your thumb on the bottom side of the finger. Slide down the finger, pulling gently. Don't forget to give the exact same finger massage to the opposite hand.