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Chances are you are wasting good lipstick just because it is harder to get to near the end of the tube. But don't toss your lipstick out just yet. By removing it from the tube, you gain access to the last bits of your lipstick, using everything you paid for. You can then put the last bits into a container for continued use.

Scoop out the remaining lipstick in the tube using a cotton swab or an orange stick (a stick used by manicurists that is made from orangewood and has tapered ends) and place it in a microwave-safe container. There will be a significant amount of product remaining in the bottom of the tube that can no longer be applied using its original applicator.

Melt the lipstick in the tube by standing the tube in a double boiler and heating it up until the waxy lipstick melts. This can remove stubborn lipstick that resists being scooped out. Many lipstick tubes are metal and can withstand the heat, while the product melts. While lipstick can be quickly melted in the microwave, refrain from placing any metal lipstick tubes in the microwave.

Melt any lipstick you scooped out of the lipstick tube in the microwave-safe container for 15 seconds. Check to see that it is fully melted. Put it back in the microwave for additional 5- to 10-second increments if not melted.

Pour the melted lipstick into a prepared container that will make it easy for you to use. Pill containers or empty makeup (eyeshadow or blush) containers make excellent containers for holding your lipstick remnants. Use a lip brush to neatly apply your lipstick from the new container.


Tint lip gloss with lipstick remnants by heating lip gloss and lipstick up in the microwave, in separate microwave-safe containers, for about 15 seconds. Blend the two products with a spoon, gradually adding some of the lipstick until you achieve the desired hue.

Create a custom lip color by experimenting with multiple colored lipstick remnants, heating them up in separate microwave-safe containers for about 15 seconds and then gradually blending them together with a spoon to make your own color.