Edema (swelling) can effect any area of the body. Foot, ankle and leg swelling occurs due to sports injuries, excessive alcohol consumption or due to a medical condition such as (but not limited to) gout. Use these tips to stop the tingling sensation and inflammation that occurs when your feet become bloated. If swelling persists for longer than seven days–make an appointment to see your doctor immediately. Foot swelling can be a serious sign of a medical condition.

The first line of action to take is to soak your swollen, bloated feet in Epsom Bath Salt. You can find Epsom Salt at any drugstore or supermarket. Epsom salt will help to soothe, soften and relax your feet and should alleviate the bloat.

Next, try drinking cherry juice. Cherry juice is excellent in reducing all types of swelling, including foot bloating and swelling. Make sure to choose a cherry juice that is 100% juice with no added sugars. Cherry juice also reduces pain so the next time you have a headache, muscle ache or pain of any type, pour yourself a glass of cherry juice.

Keep your feet elevated. Try to keep as much pressure off of your feet as your lifestyle will allow. Standing for extended time periods or walking long distances will only aggravate and worsen your foot condition.

Try water pills. Water pills will release any extra water build-up that your feet may retaining. Look for water pills at drug stores everywhere.

Stop drinking alcohol. Alcohol could be the culprit of foot and ankle swelling. If foot swelling and bloating continues make an appointment to see a physician for evaluation.

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