How to Get Rid of the Toxins in My Body After a Massage

A deep tissue massage is meant to rejuvenate the body, but some people experience nausea or dizziness afterwards—so not relaxing! These side effects are believed to be the result of the release of built-up toxins from cells and muscle tissue. Here are steps to take to alleviate or prevent feeling ill after a massage.


Drink lots of water before and after a massage. Most massage therapists advise you to drink a glass of water right after a session. Be sure to sip, as drinking too much water too fast makes it pass through the body too quickly to carry out any of the released toxins.


Sweating is also believed to help the body detox after a massage. Take a long, hot shower or a 20-minute hot bath. Sip a glass of water while soaking to prevent dehydration.

A sauna can also help you sweat it out. Stay in for 20 minutes and you should walk out feeling refreshed and relaxed.