How to Get Rid of Sun Tan Naturally

By Jaimie Zinski

Many people spend hours in the sun working, playing and attempting to achieve the perfect summer tan. Unfortunately, all this time in the sun will produce unsightly tan lines, or a "farmer's tan", on the arms, legs, feet and chest. You can create a mixture of natural ingredients that can safely and effectively fade the darkened skin in a matter of hours or days.


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Step 1

Wet the affected areas with warm water. Work the exfoliator into the skin and rinse it away with warm water. The exfoliator will remove the top layers of skin, exposing the lighter layer underneath.


Step 2

Pour the lemon juice, yogurt and gram flour into the bowl. Stir the ingredients and add more flour until the mixture reaches the consistency of paste.


Step 3

Apply a thick layer of the mixture to the affected areas. Allow it to remain for 20 minutes.


Step 4

Rinse the mixture off with warm water.


Step 5

Repeat exfoliating the skin and applying the mixture two to three times a day until the tan is faded and the skin reaches a desired color.