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Stringy ends can make your hair look frumpy, damaged and generally unhealthy. If you have damaged hair, be it from styling or poor care, you may notice split ends and thinning hair at the tips. Getting rid of stringy ends is easy and treating your hair properly and using preventative measures can help.

Make an appointment with your hairstylist to have the ends trimmed. You can only really get rid of stringy ends with regular cuts, so plan to get a trim once every six to eight weeks.

Untangle your hair slowly and gently with a wide-toothed comb when it is wet. Use a protein-enhanced detangling spray to add strength to wet hair. Brush dry hair gently with a natural-bristle brush before bathing to make it easier to comb out when wet.

Brush your dry hair in the morning and at night with a natural-bristle brush. Keeping tangles at bay will keep your hair from snagging and breaking, which gives it split ends and stringy appearance.

Use a heat-protectant spray on your hair before using a heat tool, such as blow-dryer, straightening or curling irons. Spritz wet hair thoroughly and after hair dries, spray again prior to using a straightening or curling iron. Never straighten or curl wet hair as this will cause damage and lead to split ends.

Apply a hot oil treatment to the ends once a week. Follow instructions of the hot oil kit to heat and apply to the ends of your hair. This treatment will help bond any split ends that exist and keep your hair from breaking and becoming stringy.