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Soft, light hair flows easily and has a small bit of bounce to it. Environmental factors and hair care mistakes can leave your hair feeling stiff and unhealthy, though. The key to softer hair is through proper care and moderate use of hair-styling products. Focus on moisturizing your hair and brushing it properly to make your hair soft and bouncy. Experiment with new styles that still look appealing but leave your hair free and flexible.

Rinse your hair with warm white vinegar. The vinegar eats through hair care products left on your hair and scalp, returning the hair to a soft state. Use a vinegar rinse as often as you desire, especially if you use hair care products such as gel or hairspray regularly.

Fill a thin glass cup with 1/4 cup of high quality extra virgin olive oil. Fill your sink with hot water. Set the glass in the water (don’t let the water flow over the sides of the glass) and allow the oil to heat.

Dampen and shampoo your hair while you wait for the oil to heat. Pour the warm oil in your hair and massage it in. Allow it to sit in your hair for 15 minutes.

Rinse the oil from your hair. Repeat the process once every two months to keep your hair moisturized and healthy.

Brush your hair gently, starting near the tips and extending up to the roots. Use short strokes to prevent breakage or damaging your hair due to tangles.


Switch your regular shampoo and conditioner to something more lightweight if your hair-cleaning products leave excessive buildup on hair, making it feel stiff and brittle.


Avoid firming hair products such as gel when you are aiming for softer hair. Wear your hair relaxed to give it time to recover from the hair styling products you use regularly.

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