Razor bumps are a common annoyance after shaving. They commonly appear on the face, underarms, bikini line and even on your legs. The bumps are usually unsightly, itchy and painful. There are two reasons that razor bumps develop. One reason is friction from shaving too roughly or not shaving properly. The second reason is ingrown hairs, which can be difficult to avoid. The bumps can be treated, so that they disappear, and prevented so that they stay away permanently.


Use rubbing alcohol to prevent infection of the bumps. The alcohol will also help to relieve some of the pain and itching in the area.

Treat existing razor bumps with a gel medication that is specifically for razor bumps, shaving irritation or razor burn. The gels can be found at almost any drugstore, and should contain salicylic acid.

Refrain from popping the bumps. Squeezing the bumps will only cause more irritation, so it is best to leave them alone and allow them to heal.


Shave only when you need to. Shaving too often can irritate the skin, therefore creating razor bumps.

Soften the hair before shaving. A moisturizing soap can soften the hair when used with warm water. Exfoliation can help free up hairs that are not quite at the surface of the skin, and will help prevent ingrown hairs that cause bumps.

Shave properly. Shave along with hair growth rather than against it, and use a moisturizing shaving cream or gel. .

Use a sharp razor, and replace the blades regularly. Dull blades will require you to apply more pressure to the razor, and that can result in razor bumps because of the added friction.

Cleanse and moisturize daily to keep your skin soft and supple. Softer skin is an effective defense against the irritation caused by shaving.


  • If you continue to develop razor bumps when shaving, consider using a lotion hair remover or wax.