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Ingrown hairs can be a tough problem to deal with, especially if you get them frequently in sensitive areas like your thighs. They can be painful and even limit your wardrobe options. However, ingrown hairs on the thighs can be treated and will lessen over time with regular care.

Wash the area thoroughly with warm water and soap. Ingrown hairs can often be made worse by infection, which can cause pustules to form around the ingrown hair. Washing daily with soap and water will decrease the chance of infection and help reduce sores caused by ingrown hair.

Treat your thighs with a mild astringent. Astringent tightens pores, which makes it difficult for hairs to grow back into the skin. If you have sensitive skin and don't want to use a chemical-based astringent on your thighs, cucumber juice is a natural and gentle astringent.

Wear loose-fitting pants. Constrictive clothing, like tights or form-fitting jeans, can compress hairs and make it easier for them to become ingrown.

Hold off on shaving as long as possible to allow your ingrown hairs to heal. When you do shave, use a moisturizing shaving cream to soften your hair and prevent them from becoming ingrown due to shaving.

Tweeze leftover hairs. After a few days of treatment, if you still see an ingrown hair or two that isn't going away, you can use tweezers to pluck the hair. However, take extreme care not to pull too quickly or forcefully as skin irritation can result.