Pair of blank soft white home slippers, design mockup

Those cozy slippers lose their appeal when they have serious foot odor. Tackling the offending aroma requires some deep cleaning of the interior of the slipper. Peruse your kitchen cabinet and laundry room to find some DIY cleaning solutions that will leave your slippers smelling as good as new.

Discover deodorizing solutions for some slippers in the laundry room. That fabric refresher spray that you use to extend the life of your jeans can also be spritzed into your smelly slippers to mask the odor. Or, give dryer sheets at try. Place a couple inside of your slippers, and let them work their magic overnight. Opt for a scented variety, which can work wonders on smelly shoes.


Dryer sheets can be a preemptive way to deodorize as well. Stuff a dryer sheet into those slippers overnight once a week to cut down on odor buildup.

Baking soda seems like a household cure-all -- and it can help with your stinky slipper issue, too. Sprinkle baking soda into your slippers, and let it sit overnight. It'll soak up odors and eliminate those lingering smells. To remove the baking soda, simply tap the slipper, upside down, over the sink or use a lightly damp washcloth or paper towel to wipe it away.

After your next citrusy snack, hold onto your orange peels, which double as odor absorbers. Much like the baking soda, these orange peels can soak up the stench and refresh your slippers. Leave the peels, which can be whole or torn into pieces, in your slippers for about 24 hours to maximize their effectiveness.

Yesterday's news can be today's odor-fighting solution. Crumple up that old newspaper, and stuff it in your smelly slippers when you're not wearing them. The newspaper can both mask odors and prevent them from forming.


If your slippers are starting to lose their shape, the newspaper serves a dual purpose. It'll also help you recover their like-new shape, so they will again be a perfect fit for your feet.

Moisture from your bare feet can get trapped in your slippers, which can result in a sweaty odor. Lingering moisture in your slippers creates that nasty odor. Sprinkling everyday table salt into your slippers can help soak up that odor-causing moisture.


Mix and match odor-fighting solutions to find one that works for you. Since many of these solutions aim to absorb odor, just one of them might be enough to deodorize those stinky slippers.

Fleece and cloth slippers with rubber soles can likely be tossed into the washing machine -- but check the tag to make sure. Wash stinky slippers in the washing machine on the gentle cycle, using warm water. Add a capful of your favorite laundry detergent, as long as it's bleach free. Let the freshly washed slippers air dry, or toss them in the dryer on a low-heat setting.

Hand washing is another way to deodorize those slippers. Fill a basin with warm water and a capful of laundry detergent. Stir the water, add the slippers and let them soak until the stench has been neutralized. After towel-drying the slippers to eliminate excess water, let them air dry, or use a hair dryer to expedite drying.

Stinky slippers don't always need to go straight to the garbage. These odor-eliminating solutions can be used after a stench develops, but they're just as effective at preventing odors. When you find a solution, maintain it once a week to keep your slippers odor free for the long haul. Give it a try with smelly shoes, socks and sandals as well, and your shoe closet will suddenly be fresher.