Cellulite is extremely difficult to get rid of of because it is caused by an accumulation of fat cells underneath the skin, generally on the thighs. While it is hard to eliminate these lumpy fat deposits completely, it is possible to seriously reduce the appearance of cellulite in as little as one week. In addition to consuming a diet rich in vegetables and light on sodium and salt, drinking lots of water and exercising, there’s a simple home remedy that can diminish these dreaded lumps in the skin.

Things You'll Need

Mix the morning’s coffee grounds with about a a quarter cup of olive oil (or more if desired) in a small bowl.

Place the mixture in the microwave for five to 10 seconds to warm it.

Lie down and directly apply the mixture to the affected areas. If lying down is not an option, use plastic wrap to secure the mixture to the skin. Make sure mixture is massaged into your skin and leave it on for 10 minutes.

Rinse off the mixture with warm water. The caffeine in the mixture will shrink pores and help keep your skin firm. Repeat at least twice daily for one week. To help further reduce the appearance of cellulite on beach day–or any day you will be showing more skin–take a cold bath. Run the water as cold as you can possibly stand and sit in the tub for 10 minutes to firm your skin.


  • In addition to the coffee grounds treatment, drinking a lot of water helps rid the body of cellulite. Water flushes out toxins that have been released by massaging the mixture into skin. Up your intake of whole foods such as vegetables and refrain from consuming a lot of sodium and salt. Salt retains water instead of allowing it to be flushed from the body. Lower body exercises–such as squats, lunges, bike riding, and any other exercise that works the thighs–also help combat cellulite.

  • Anti-cellulite treatment creams that contain Retinol A can help improve skin elasticity. Look for ingredients like seaweed, caffeine and green tea, all of which cause tissue drainage.