There are many people out there who have to live with having broad shoulders, although theres no way to permanently get rid of them, you can minimize them.

There really is no known way to get rid of broad shoulders that we all know that we cant stand having. Trust me if you have them, you understand exactly where im coming from. Although there is no way to permanently get rid of them there is things you can do to reduce the look of them and possible even make them smaller.

EXERCISE...If you exercise on a daily bases and work alot on your abdomen and your areas such as arm twirls and sromach crunches, then you can smallen your frame. The lower your body fat is the more your frame narrows to fit with your body size. This will not completely get rid of the broad shoulders but it will narrow them down.

CLOTHING...Beware of what you buy. Buy shirts that either fit well on your body frame or wear loose clothing. It has also been said to wear stripes and this will make your body frame look smaller and make your shoulders look narrower.

SHOPPING...Anytime you go shopping try on what you buy before actually buying it. This way you can tell for yourself if it fits your body frame and gives you the look you want instead of getting home and being disappointed. Another factor is to make sure your completely comfortable in the outfit. If your comfortable, you will look and feel better about yourself. Once you know the styles of clothing that fits you best, you'll be able to know of what to look for when shopping.

I hope this will help someone out there and just know whoever you are, you are not alone.