How to Get Rid of Acne Scars With Honey

By Kelly Sundstrom

Acne scars can cause the skin to appear discolored and uneven months after the acne blemishes have cleared up. This can be embarrassing, and can lead to lowered self-esteem. It can be difficult to fully remove the discolored areas of skin caused by acne breakouts, but applying honey treatments can significantly diminish the appearance of acne scarring. These treatments are natural, soothing and helpful in removing scarring caused by acne. Using honey to treat acne scars is not only effective, but cost efficient as well.


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Step 1

Apply a honey scar softener. Mixing honey with olive oil softens and loosens scarred skin, which helps it to become dislodged and sloughed away. To create a honey scar softener, mix together thoroughly 2 tbsp. honey with 2 tbsp. olive oil in a small bowl. Spread the mixture onto the skin, using your fingers to massage it in for 3 minutes. Spread a hot, steaming washcloth onto your face, which will loosen the scarred skin even more. After the cloth cools, wipe off the remaining oil using the cloth. The dead, scarred skin cells will be softened and ready to be removed. A honey scar softener can be used daily to soften acne scars on the face.


Step 2

Apply a honey exfoliant. Exfoliating scarred skin buffs away the dead, discolored cells that cause the scars to seem darker than the surrounding skin. To make a honey exfoliant, mix together 2 tbsp. honey with 1 tbsp. baking soda. This will form a thick paste. Massage the paste onto moist skin using deep pressure and circular movements with the fingers. After 2 minutes, rinse off the paste with warm water. A honey exfoliant can be used on the skin twice per week to effectively remove acne scars.


Step 3

Apply a honey scar mask. When honey is combined with lemon juice, it will not only slough off dead, scarred skin but will lighten and brighten the skin as well. This is because lemon juice contains vitamin C, which helps remove old skin cells while building new skin cells. To make a honey scar mask, combine 2 tbsp. of honey with 1 tbsp. lemon juice in a small bowl; mix them together well. Smooth the mixture onto clean skin; allow the mixture to sit on the skin for at least 10 minutes, then rinse the mask off using warm water. A honey scar mask can be used once per day to treat acne scars.