By Greg Lindberg

While not harmful, warts can be unsightly, annoying and embarrassing. The most common types of warts that appear on the legs are known as flat warts, which appear as flat bumps that are usually light brown, yellow or pink. Luckily, there are many options to remove your warts simply and painlessly.

Good news! Flat warts are easy to remove.

Give the warts time to leave on their own by waiting at least two to three weeks before applying cream or seeking treatment. During this time make sure to carefully shave your legs and avoid cutting the warts.

Use an over-the-counter wart cream if the warts don't go away on their own. The cream will help the skin to be saturated in water and then later cause the skin around the wart and the wart to peel off. Continue to step 3 if the warts remain after using the cream.

Consult a doctor to be prescribed a wart medication that contains retinoin, glycolic and salicylic acid. Such medications will help to remove the top layer and then the entire wart. A common prescription to treat the flat warts is Retin-A.

Have cryotherapy performed if recommended by your doctor. This treatment consists of freezing the wart tissue with liquid nitrogen to kill the tissue so that it can easily be removed.

Have electrocautery performed for extreme cases of flat warts on your legs and if other treatments don't stop your wart problem. This laser treatment can be costly and require multiple treatments to fully remove the warts.