At first, you may wonder why anyone would want to get rid of a tan. But there may be a number of reasons why one would: you may not like the look, you might want to hide the fact that you've been on vacation, or you might have an uneven tan. If you are wondering how to get rid of a tan, here are some tips that may help you.

Take many warm baths. Use a lot of soap as you take these baths. Use an exfoliating pad or sponge and gently scrub.

Buy a lemon or two. Slice the lemon into halves or quarters (which ever size is easier for you to handle). Get into the shower. Gently take the lemon quarter or half (with the rind still on) and rub over the skin. Keep rubbing for two or three minutes. Wash the lemon juice off of your skin. Then, wash with soap as you normally would.

Dab a small amount of hydrogen peroxide onto a cotton ball. Gently wipe over skin. Remove any access with a damp cloth. Wash off within a minute.

Mix some tomato juice with cucumber juice. Rub onto the tan. Allow it to sit for several minutes. Wash the juices off with clean water.

Allow time to fade away the tan naturally.


Wear sunscreen to help avoid tans in the first place. Try to cover up the areas in which you do not want tanned. Stay out of the direct sunlight. Stay indoors during the sun's peak times (10 am through 4 pm)


Do not use household cleaners or bleach on your skin. They can cause serious damage, including burns and scars.