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Have you ever had a great night with someone and the next day notice an irritating, shameful, red blotch known as a love bite or hickey? Even though you had fun getting it, it is not as fun getting rid of it. But you are in luck because there are a few simple methods that can help you in this task.

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Consider combining several remedies to remove the love bite. Different articles tell you different things, such as using a tube of lip balm to loosen the blood vessels, freezing a spoon and twisting it on the hickey, and using a tea bag to help the area. All of these alone take too long to remove a love bite. Doing these in the proper sequence will help you get rid of your love bite almost as fast as you got it and will help you have the courage to face mom, dad and the world. Before you even touch the hickey, the first thing you need to do is grab your spoon and put it in the freezer.

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Gently rub the area of the love bite with your finger and try to loosen the blood vessels. You need to do this because the blood vessels contract during the formation of a hickey. It feels good when you are getting it but once you start to rub it out it will become a little irritated. Once the blood vessels begin to loosen up, the area will begin to turn pink.

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Take your lip balm and flip it so that the cap is facing your love bite. Press the cap of the lip balm into the hickey and start twisting in a clockwise direction. Do this about five times and then switch directions. Each twist should be progressively harder. The area will become more pink and you should see less or a hickey and more of a spot that looks like you were scratching.

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Go to your freezer and take out the spoon. Place the spoon, with the side of the bump down, on the hickey and turn in a clockwise direction about five times. After this, turn in the opposite direction. Again each turn should get progressively harder. Put the spoon back in the freezer.

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Try the tea bag method to remove the love bite. Boil water or put a cup of water in the microwave until it begins to boil. Put the tea bag in it as if you were making a cup of tea. Only leave the tea bag in the water for about two minutes and remove it. Place it on the hickey for about three minutes or until it starts to cool off. In addition to this, you may drink the cup of tea that is left over, but be sure not to re-use the tea bag after you use it in your efforts to remove a hickey.

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Now that you have done all of the things necessary to remove a hickey, you just have to wait until it is gone. By this time the hickey should be much lighter than before but it may not be completely gone. Re-using the frozen spoon technique from time to time throughout the day is effective. If you must go out, use the lip balm technique when no one is looking. By the next day, if not the end of the day, the love bite should be gone and no one will ever know that it was there.