How to Get Lingerie for Men

By LeafTV Editor

How to Get Lingerie for Men. Cross dressers rejoice. There is no need to steal your girlfriend's undergarments or be forced to wear panties that don't fit. Instead you can get lingerie that is as silky and feminine as hers but is made for men. Even if you prefer men's underwear and clothing, step up the style with dressier garb that still screams "masculine."

Treat Yourself to Men's Lingerie

Step 1

Get some satin boxers for your wedding night, anniversary or special occasion. They are all about comfort and style. Many men enjoy the silky feel of the fabric and the range of colors and patterns available.

Step 2

Buy yourself a pair of nice pajamas and stop sleeping in your underwear and a t-shirt (your spouse might even like it). Perfect for sleeping in and lounging around the house, pajamas are usually made of silk, satin or cotton and come in matched sets, as well as just bottoms.

Step 3

Get women's lingerie in your own size. You don't need to stretch out your wife's bra or tear your sweetie's delicate lace panties trying to get them over your manly thighs. Several online stores, including Xdress and Manties make women's lingerie specifically for men (see Resources below).

Step 4

Live in comfort. Women are no longer the only ones with comfortable underwear. Men can get sheer briefs for breathability, spandex bikinis for stretch and seamless briefs for all-day soft comfort. Other choices include microfiber boxer briefs or a kimono with matching boxers.

Step 5

Share a few laughs with men's novelty wear. Funny t-shirts, pouches and g-strings all fall into this category. Go for the elephant g-string for the man who needs more trunk space or any pair of underwear printed with hearts on it for Valentine's Day.

Step 6

Be the sexy guy you always wanted to be. Show your manly confidence by wearing styles that flatter your physique. Opt to wear fantasy costumes such as cowboy chaps or a Tarzan loincloth for nights when you want to be someone else for your partner.