Makers of the Rockstar energy drink, Rockstar Inc., are also responsible for the Rockstar stickers. Rockstar stickers reflect the Rockstar energy drink's symbols and trademark image. You can use the stickers as decals on your car, place them on your window, or even stick them to the top of your laptop. Rockstar Inc. sends free stickers to anyone who is interested, providing you live in the United States and send a self-addressed stamped envelope along with your request letter.

Write your name and address on the middle of an envelope, like you are addressing the envelope to yourself. Place a stamp on the top right of the envelope.

Insert the envelope into another blank envelope. Write your return address at the top left of the blank envelope. Write the following Rockstar address in the middle of the envelope:

Rebecca Yops

Rockstar Inc

PO Box 27740

Las Vegas, NV 89126

Insert a letter requesting the free stickers inside the envelope. Stick a stamp on the envelope and place the envelope in your mailbox.