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Most women won't leave the house without applying mascara and lipstick, but don't give their hands and nails a second thought. Fact is, people notice our hands more than we think. So, for women, it is important to invest a little time in a weekly manicure to keep their hands feminine and pretty.

Clean your nails using a nailbrush. Run your hands under warm water and massage soap into your hands and nails. Use a nailbrush to scrub underneath your nails while holding your hands under the water. Rinse your hands once you have removed all dirt.

Dry your hands using a soft towel. Massage lotion into your hands, concentrating on the webs in between your fingers and your cuticles.

File your nails with an emory board into round, pointed or square shapes, depending on your preference. To do so, run a nail file in one direction across the tips of your nails until you achieve the desired shape and length. Longer nails look more feminine.

Buff your nails using a nail buffer until you have removed all ridges. Simply rub a buffer back and forth across your nails to get a smooth appearance.

Apply nail polish to your nails in a color of your choosing. Use two coats of nail polish and a topcoat to achieve a well-manicured look. Finish by dipping a cotton swab into nail polish remover and swipe it around your nail cuticles to remove excess nail polish.

Rings also add a feminine touch to hands.

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