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Fake nails, often called acrylics, glue on over your fingernails to create an elegant and feminine appearance. However, once applied, it is difficult to prevent breaking off your fake nails, leaving one finger with a short and often mangled natural nail. Getting your fake nails to stay on requires you to take special care of your fingertips from the day you have them applied. In addition, you must alter the way you perform small tasks throughout the day to reduce the stress on your fake nails.

Buff the surface of your nails with a nail buffer before applying glue. Buffing your nails gives the glue a smooth surface to stick to, and increases the life of your fake nails. Use a new buffer each time you prep your nails as the effectiveness after one use significantly decreases.

Keep your fingers clean after having fake nails applied. Keeping dirt away from the surface of your fake nails reduces the chance of grime working its way underneath them and breaking the glue’s bond.

Apply hand lotion twice daily to moisturize your fingertips. When your cuticles dry out around the fake nail, they create a lip the edge can catch on, loosening the glue’s bond.

Avoid picking things up with your nails. As tempting as it might be to pick up your keys or phone with your long nails, this will put a strain on the glue that bonds them to your finger.

Avoid typing using the tips of your nails. Instead, you must type using the pads of your fingers to reduce wear on the glue’s bond. This takes some practice; take it slow for the first few days until you get the hang of it.


Never use your fake nails to perform any task throughout the day. Pressure applied to the tips of your fake nails reduces their life significantly.