Whoopi Goldberg used to wear her hair in braids. Then she embraced a "low-maintenance" style. She once said, "Today when I see dreads, braids, plum lipstick and women wearing flats and sneakers, I know part of that is because of me." More than a decade later, her dreads are still going strong. You can capture this style for yourself.

Wash your hair with a residue-free shampoo and let it air dry.

Divide your hair into hanks an inch wide all over your head. Place a rubber band about an inch from your scalp on each one, and another rubber band at the end of each one.

Start at the back of your head. Take one section and twist it back and forth between your palms. Use a blob of dreadlock wax about the size of a pencil eraser and coat the section. Twist again until the hank is tangled and "locked."

Repeat twisting, waxing and twisting until all sections are finished.

Wash every three to five days with residue-free shampoo. For the first few weeks at least, put pantyhose over the dreadlocks before you wash them. This will keep them from unlocking.


  • To make dreads "lock" faster, back comb each section. Use a metal comb with fine teeth. Comb by making short strokes from the end of each section and back toward the scalp. Do this after coating each section with wax and before twisting again.

  • If you want temporary dreadlocks, use styling gel instead of wax.