How to Get Buttercream to Not Curdle

By LeafTV Editor

Buttercream is a type of frosting that is made with butter and powdered sugar. You can add flavoring extracts such as vanilla or almond or use cocoa powder to make a chocolate buttercream. There are several types of buttercream frosting: simple, Italian meringue, Swiss meringue, French, German and rolled. Follow your recipe and frost with the buttercream right away to prevent curdling. Curdling can be a problem if the buttercream has grown cold after being stored in the refrigerator. Curdling is the separating of the fat from the water in the butter. Making sure buttercream doesn't curdle takes just a few easy steps.

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How To Get Buttercream To Not Curdle


Add 2 inches of water to the double boiler and turn the heat on medium-low. You want warm but not boiling water.

Add the icing to the top section of the double boiler and place over the warm water.

Whisk the frosting as it warms up. Keep beating the buttercream consistently and it will smooth out again.

Frost with the buttercream immediately.


  • Wait to make the buttercream until you are ready to frost for the best results.