It's pretty easy to give a hickey, but to get a hickey takes a bit more skill. You have to be at the right place at the right time, and know how to get what you want. Your partner may be hesitant to give you a hickey at first, but as long as you hold your ground you should have no trouble getting a hickey.

Return the favor. The easiest way to let your boyfriend know that you'd appreciate a hickey is to give him one yourself. Make sure to plant one in a highly visible spot, and admire your handiwork when you're done. He'll know that you're O.K. with them and will be much more likely to give you one of your own in the near future.

Tell her what you like. If you want to get a hickey, you have to be vocal. Tell her that you love it when she sucks on your neck, and you wish that she would do it more often. Then the next time you're making out, guide her to the perfect spot and let her do her magic.

Make him jealous. If you want to get a hickey, you need to give him a good reason for marking his territory. When he walks into a room, start flirting with another guy. Tell him how funny you think Jimmy is, and that you think he may have a crush on you. Don't go overboard, but give him enough reason to doubt his standing with you.

Go at it hot and heavy. In order to get a hickey, you have to get caught up in the moment. So, the next time you start fooling around, don't think, just do. If you get a little feisty, all the better, since the chances of you getting a hickey are much higher when your defenses are down.

Admire someone else's hickey. When you see another girl with a hickey, point it out to your boyfriend. Make a comment about how you think it's sweet to wear a mark of love like that all day long; tell him it's like a tattoo showing that you are taken. You should get a hickey the same day.