Stir fried blue swimming crab meat in yellow curry powder

Crabs have been in culinary use for years, caught for their delicate and delicious meat contained within a tough shell. Cooking crab is simple -- boiling and then removing the meat from the shell. However, frying the meat after cooking allows for extra flavor to permeate the crab, caused by the caramelization of the outside of the meat. Frying crab is common in several different cuisines. A variety of spices and seasonings can be added while cooking.

Place the butter in the frying pan and set it on medium-high heat on the stove.

Place a couple of drops of water in the pan and see if they sizzle -- the pan is ready when the sizzling sound occurs.

Add the garlic and onions to the pan, and cook them for three to four minutes until brown and caramelized.

Deglaze the pan with the 1/4 cup wine by pouring it in and scraping the brown bits with a large stir spoon.

Simmer the wine until it is a thin glaze again.

Add the crab meat to the frying pan and cook it for four minutes to completely brown the meat and cover it with the slight glaze.

Add salt to taste to the meat and drizzle the lemon juice over it before serving.