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Stale bread? You don't have to set it aside for bird food. A few minutes in the microwave can revive your dried-out bread, rolls and biscuits. Use microwave bread bags, sold on the Internet and in specialty household stores, or substitute cheaper, more readily available paper towels. A note of caution: Don't try this with moldy bread. Throw it away.

Fill a spray bottle with water, and spritz it over your stale bread.

If you are using paper towels, mist them, using the spray bottle.

Put the bread in the microwave bread bag, and close the drawstring, or wrap the loaf in the dampened paper towels.

Microwave the bread on high power for five to 10 seconds.

Remove the bread and test for softness. Return to the microwave for another five to 10 seconds if it is still too hard. Pull the bread out of the bag or paper towels immediately after heating.


If you are serving the bread right away, wrap it in another dry towel to keep it warm. If your bread still tastes stale after you have microwaved it, spread flavorful garlic on the slices to mask the taste. To store, tightly wrap leftover refreshed bread in two to three layers of plastic wrap and place inside a resealable freezer bag.


Never use a spray bottle that has held household cleaners for cooking purposes.