By Melynda Sorrels

Salsa verde is the perfect accompaniment for chips, enchiladas and a host of other dishes that can benefit from the flavor enhancement it offers. Whether you've prepared your own, purchased or ended up in possession of this tasty tomatillo-based sauce, you may find that you have more than you need at one sitting. Fortunately, salsa verde can easily be frozen. Freezing your salsa verde for another day can save you the time of having to make a new batch, as it will still be waiting for you, as fresh as it was when you put it in the freezer.

Woman opening refrigerator in kitchen at home
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Step 1

Put the salsa verde in the refrigerator to cool if you have recently cooked it or if you have any left over after a meal. Warm salsa can cause condensation in the container you freeze it in, which can damage its taste and texture when you thaw it out.

Step 2

Pour the cool salsa verde into an airtight container or sealable plastic bag. Do not fill the container up to the top--leave some room in case it expands. At least an inch of extra space is advisable.

Step 3

Expel as much air as possible from the container or bag by lifting the corner of the container lid or pushing on the empty space of the bag to force the air out.

Step 4

Place the salsa verde in the freezer right side up to prevent leaks.

Step 5

Remove the salsa verde from the freezer at least 5 hours before serving and put it into the refrigerator to defrost.