Slices of purple onion
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Going to the store to buy three onions and three peppers, I found out I was paying only cents less for three then I would be for a whole bag. Buying onions and green peppers in bulk is a great way to stretch the family grocery budget. Freezing onions and peppers also helps keep the work load down when preparing meals from scratch.

  • Chopped onions
  • or chopped green peppers.
  • Zip lock bag
  • Freezer

To prepare onions or green peppers for freezing, you will need to clean and peel onions (core green peppers). Make sure vegetables are dry before cutting.

Chop onions or green peppers to the desired sized. Put onions in zip lock bag, remove air, then lay the bag flat in the freezer to freeze. If you have enough vegetables you can cut in several sizes and use different bags to use in a variable of dishes.

Make sure to date and label vegetables to insure use in the proper amount of time. Onions and green peppers last up to a year in the freezer.

Use in stir fry's, soups, stews, and meat loafs. I also like to add the chopped onions and green peppers to fried rice and omelets.

  • Onions and green peppers do not need to be blanched to do well freezing.

  • Go to the local farmers market for best prices on peppers and onions in bulk. Always ask the farmer for a better price when buying vegetables in bulk.