Potato and sausage goulash in bowl, pepper, onion and garlic on wooden table

One of Hungary's most famous dishes, goulash and its variations are enjoyed around the world. Between a soup and a stew in thickness, goulash is a main dish usually consisting of a medley of vegetables and beef. Different regions of the world have adapted this original recipe, and add their own special ingredients or seasonings to slightly modify it. However, typically goulash is made in a large batch, to have enough to preserve, by freezing, for later use.

Place the pot of goulash in the refrigerator. This allows the goulash to cool enough to be ladled safely in to the containers without risk of melting them.

Remove the goulash from the refrigerator and place it on the counter. Set the freezer-safe containers beside it with the lids removed.

Ladle the goulash in to the containers, leaving 1 inch of space at the top. This allows the goulash to expand as it freezes without pushing the lid off.

Secure each lid firmly on the sealable containers. Insert them in to the freezer on a flat surface.

Use the goulash within three months of freezing. When you're ready to use the frozen goulash, run warm water around the outside of the freezer container, and remove the frozen goulash to either a pot or microwave safe dish for heating.


Freeze the goulash in individually sized portions to use as lunches, or as larger portions for a family meal.


Only use fresh ingredients when creating the dish to prevent spoilage after they are frozen.

Always ensure your work area and tools are clean to prevent the spread of bacteria in your dish.

Never refreeze previously frozen goulash, as this can cause bacteria to grow.