Corned beef is is a chunk of beef that has been treated by rubbing salt into it. The salt in the beef promotes rancidity and changes the texture of the meat, which can make it difficult to store for long periods of time. Without taking the proper steps, corned beef will be ruined when put in a freezer. Continue reading to learn how to freeze corned beef.

Drain any excess liquid from the corned beef. Any liquid that corned beef has been in has a high salt content, which shortens the amount of time the meat can be stored.

Use a vacuum sealer to properly wrap the corned beef. If you do not have a vacuum sealer, you should use plastic wrap instead. Tightly wrap at least two layers around the corned beef when using plastic wrap. Be sure to keep as much air out of the plastic wrap as possible.

Place the corned beef in the freezer. If vacuum sealed, uncooked corned beef can be stored up to a month, while cooked corned beef can be stored up to 3 months. Corned beef that is plastic wrapped can be stored for about half of this time.