By Maxine Wallace

Too much oregano can overwhelm a dish with its bitter, piquant flavor. But don't be too quick to throw out a soup, stew or sauce that is overly seasoned with the herb. Instead, use techniques to diminish the overwhelming flavor of this delicate, yet powerful herb.

credit: HandmadePictures/iStock/Getty Images
Use dried oregano sparingly, as it is stronger than fresh.

Getting Rid of Oregano Excess

The quickest and easiest way to lessen the flavor of oregano in a dish is to dilute it. Use tomatoes, water or broth -- whatever the base ingredient of the dish is -- to increase the bulk of an overly seasoned item, and cut out some of the bitter taste that oregano is known to leave. Another option is to strain some of the oregano out of this dish using cheesecloth or a wire mesh strainer. Depending on what you're cooking, and thickness of the sauce or soup, this is not always possible.