Japanese white rice

Oversalted rice is a common culinary disaster. It can be caused by simple error, countless kitchen distractions or the pressures of trying to do too many things in the kitchen at once. Not a problem, it is an easy fix.

  • Vegetables
  • Rice
  • Sieve

Turn on the hot water in your sink. Place the rice in a sieve, and jostle it around in the sieve. If your tap water is not palatable, reboil another pot of water.

Wash the over-salted rice with the hot water. Be sure to flip and mix the rice around in the sieve so you are getting all the rice.

Check your rice. If the rice is still too salty, make another batch of rice without salting it. Mix the two batches of rice together now. You may have more rice than you wanted, but you can use it another day for another meal.

Add vegetables to the rice if it is still too salty. The vegetables will absorb some of the extra seasoning.