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Even the thickest, longest, most beautiful lashes can clump together, resulting in an unflattering lash line. Sometimes, strong growth patterns cause the lashes to grow sharply to one side, causing a cluster of lashes at one point along the lash line. Other times, extremely long lashes clump and cluster because they rub against glasses or another external force. Regardless, lashes stay in place when they're coated with mascara or a lash conditioner. Even clear mascara will do the trick.

Coat the lashes with a lash conditioner, clear mascara or colored mascara of your choice.

Apply the mascara or conditioner with a wand, brushing the lashes where you want them to go.

Comb the lashes into place with the comb edge of a brow brush before the mascara or conditioner dries. Allow to dry while combing the lashes into place.

Apply one to two more coats in the same manner.


Remove eye makeup from your eyes each night with eye makeup remover and a damp cloth. Removing makeup will keep lashes from tangling around each other while you sleep.


Keep sharp eyebrow combs and mascara wands away from your eyeball. Stand close to the mirror and measure each stroke to prevent poking your eye.

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