amber image by Andrzej Włodarczyk from

Amber is a beautiful yellow or orange gemstone that is the result of millions of years of fossilization. Since amber is fossilized tree resin, some stones can contain particles of dirt, vegetation or even whole insects. Amber is much stronger than the tree resin it originates from; however it is still susceptible to cracking, chipping or even breaking. Fortunately, even broken amber jewelry can be repaired.

Rub both pieces of the broken amber with a cloth and rubbing alcohol to remove any dust and dirt from the amber. Let the amber dry.

Apply the gemstone epoxy glue all over the surface of the side of one of the pieces of amber that has to be reattached to the other. Push the two pieces of amber back together slowly. Wipe off any excess epoxy that seeps from the cracks. Let the epoxy dry overnight.

Sand the surfaces of the crack with fine-grain sandpaper to smooth out the epoxy so that it is level with the rest of the stone.

Rub the stone with a cloth and gemstone polish to smooth out the epoxy and stone and to hide the cracks.