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The nagging pain of a smashed fingernail is caused by the pressure of trapped blood underneath the nail. Trapped blood also causes the fingernail to turn a purplish-blue color. Releasing the trapped blood will cause the pain to subside quickly and the discoloration to vanish. You can release the trapped blood efficiently and painlessly.

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, and then dry your hands.

Pour a small amount of water into a small bowl. Set the bowl of water on a clean, flat surface.

Straighten one end of the paper clip, changing it into the shape of the letter "P." Dip the paper clip into rubbing alcohol, and then set the paper clip on a clean napkin, near the small bowl of water.

Clean the surface of the injured fingernail with alcohol, and allow it to dry. The alcohol is used to disinfect the fingernail and the paper clip.

Light the match and place the extended end of the paper clip--the bottom of the "P"--over the match flame, until the paper clip end becomes red hot. This will further sterilize the end of the paper clip. Discard the lit match into the bowl of water.

Pierce the fingernail with the red hot tip of the paper clip, but do not allow it to penetrate as far as the flesh of the finger beneath the nail. Place your smashed finger over the napkin and carefully insert the red hot paper clip into the center of the discolored portion of the nail. You must let the red hot paper clip end slowly burn a hole through your nail. Once you see blood drip onto the outside of your nail, or once you feel the tip touch the flesh beneath your fingernail, pull the paper clip out. You will experience immediate relief, and the fingernail will look much better within one to two hours.

There is no pain involved with inserting the red hot paper clip into the fingernail, because your fingernail has no nerve endings. There may be a small amount of pain if you do not pull the paper clip out soon enough, after going through the nail, so be extremely careful.

Discard the paper clip into the bowl of water, to quench the red hot tip.

Apply pressure on the nail with a clean napkin until the bleeding ends.


You can substitute a lighter for the match.

Proceed carefully, and observe antiseptic precautions.

It is highly recommended to have someone with you during this process.


Call your physician immediately if your fingernail pain worsens.

Make sure you are not near any flammable materials.