Hot pizza from the real italian stone stove
Dmytro Varavin/iStock/GettyImages

Cooking pizza on a pizza stone is a delicious way to make crispier crust, and emulate pizza being cooked in a real stone oven. However, pizza stones often crack in half, rendering it useless. If you spent a lot money on your pizza stone, and would rather not throw it away, there are a few solutions to fix your pizza stone in a hurry. You could even be cooking pizza by dinnertime.

Purchase heat safe stove gasket cement. You can find stove gasket cement at your local hardware or home store, as well as online.

Carefully load a small paintbrush with the cement, and apply a very thin line to the break on the pizza stone. It is incredibly important that you do not apply any glue to the surface of the pizza stone, only to the crack.

Carefully press the pizza stone together. If any residue gets on the surface of the pizza stone, wash it off with warm water immediately.

Let the pizza stone dry for at least 24 hours.

Place a strip of tinfoil over the area where the crack in the pizza stone was. This will prevent any glue from being absorbed into your food. Place the pizza on top of the pizza stone, and cook as usual.


If your pizza stone is shattered, it may be more cost effective to purchase a new stone than to repair it.


Stove gasket cement is not food safe--do not place your food directly on the area where the glue was placed.