How to Fix a Broken Dreadlock

By LeafTV Editor

How to Fix a Broken Dreadlock. A dreadlock can wind up breaking for several reasons. Your dreadlock may have a weak spot that became weaker as your hair continued to grow, or you may have started your locks in extremely thin sections that could not support the weight of your hair as it grew. If a dreadlock breaks off it's good to know how to fix it to avoid a dreadful look.

Fix a Broken Dreadlock

Step 1

Recover the broken dreadlock immediately. This gives you the chance to fix a broken dreadlock right away.

Step 2

Purchase a needle and thread to fix the broken dreadlock. Choose a thick, sturdy thread that matches your hair color, and a felting needle to help you push through dreadlocks that may be airtight.

Step 3

Sew the dreadlock back into place. Line the broken dreadlock up with the remaining lock and begin weaving the needle in and out of the lock very carefully.

Step 4

Tie the end of the thread with a knot close to the dreadlock and snip off the remaining thread to complete the fix.