How to Find Up and Coming Fashion Designers

By Saylor Connors

Fashion is ever-evolving and morphing each and every season and the new up-and-coming fashion designers are the ones leading the charge. These designers, who just got out of fashion school and internships, have fresh ideas and concepts on what fashion should look like today and tomorrow. There are many fashion centers located all over the world including New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris and Milan. Searching for these up-and-comer may seem difficult, but, in actuality, is very simple if you know where to look.

Step 1

Purchase a copy of "Womens Wear Daily" (WWD) to find the latest up-and-coming fashion designers. This daily publication gives the scoop on fashion news and events. They will also showcase these new designers by reviewing their latest collections and print a schedule of their upcoming fashion shows.

Step 2

Visit the Genart website (see Resources) to learn about where the next Genart fashion show is going to be located. Genart is an organization that promotes up-and-coming fashion designers and gives them the capital and exposure to retail buyers. If you join their organization, you can get email flashes that will alert you to upcoming events and shows.

Step 3

Call your local paper to find out when their fashion section is printed. Each newspaper in each major metropolitan area has a fashion section. After each season, they will wrap up the latest fashion designs shown during fashion week. These fashion editors will review both major and unknown designers.

Step 4

Visit one of the fashion events for Parsons School of Design in New York City. They have showcased fashion shows for their new designers and if you contact them, they will give you a calendar of events showcasing their graduating designers.