How to Find Shoes to Wear After a Pedicure

By LeafTV Contributor

While a pricey pedicure is a pampering spa treatment, not setting aside at least 60 minutes of drying time can wreak havoc on your newly-polished nails. To prevent your nails from smudging, you'll need to slip into the right pair of shoes to keep your pedicure pristine and chip-free.

Woman wearing white dress and sandals, low section
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Woman wearing white sandals after a pedicure.

Step 1

Keep flip flops on while your toenails are drying. Immediately after the pedicure, a salon technician will give you a pair of flip flops to wear under the dryer. Keep these on until the polish is completely dry.

Step 2

Bring a pair of flip flops or sandals from home. You don't want to wear socks or closed toe shoes right after a pedicure. It can chip off the polish and require that you polish your nails again.

Step 3

Wear your flips flops for at least an hour after the pedicure. This gives the polish time to set and protects your feet as well. Once the polish is dried, you can return to normal shoes if you want.

Step 4

Show off your pedicure by wearing open-toed shoes as much as possible. You'll also help keep the polish from fading since you won't be taking socks and shoes on and off.