How to Find Low Fat Substitutes for Heavy Cream

By LeafTV Editor

How to Find Low Fat Substitutes for Heavy Cream. Heavy cream keeps cakes and other baked goods moist, but it is very unhealthy and full of fat. Fortunately, low-fat substitutes for heavy cream exist and only moderately change the end result of the dish.

Step 1

Use thickened skim milk in place of heavy cream. Use ingredients such as cornstarch, flour or unflavored gelatin, to thicken skim milk.

Step 2

Mix a can of evaporated milk with unflavored gelatin and water. Let it sit and thicken, and use it in place of heavy cream when making cakes, cookies or muffins.

Step 3

Create a low-fat, vegan substitute for heavy cream by combining silk tofu with plain soy milk. Blend the ingredients together until there are no lumps and use as a whipped cream substitute.

Step 4

Thicken sauces with low-fat cottage cheese or ricotta cheese, instead of heavy cream. Mix the cottage cheese or ricotta cheese with low-fat or skim milk, until smooth, and add to recipes.

Step 5

Make a whipped, heavy cream substitute with evaporated milk and vanilla extract. Chill the evaporated milk first, add the vanilla and mix.