How to Fade Nose Freckles

By Contributing Writer

The nose is the facial area generally most prone to freckles. Even people with darker skin tones that don't normally freckle may experience freckles on their noses. Since freckles are the result of the skin's melanin reacting with the sun's rays, any degree of sun exposure can lead to freckling. If you are unhappy with your nose freckles, you can take various steps to fade them. Since your freckles are the result of repeated sun exposure, fading them does take time. Remain dedicated and you'll see results.

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Step 1

Protect your nose from the sun. You won't be able to fade your nose freckles unless you avoid sun exposure. Wear a high SPF sunscreen daily and opt for a broad-rimmed hat if you'll be spending time outside. Try to stay out of the sun completely during its peak hours.

Step 2

Apply a fading cream to your nose. Most over-the-counter fading creams contain hydroquinone, which lightens dark spots so they blend in with the rest of your skin tone. You must use such creams twice daily for several weeks before you see results.

Step 3

See your dermatologist. With a prescription, you can obtain fading and bleaching creams that are much stronger than those available over-the-counter. Generally, prescription fading creams contain more than double the level of hydroquinone, so you can expect to see results much more quickly.

Step 4

Use cleansers, serums and lotions that contain hydroxy acids. These acids have been shown to stimulate cellular regeneration so new, undamaged skin cells are grown more quickly to replace your damaged, freckled skin cells. Beta hydroxy acids tend to work better on those with oily skin since alpha hydroxy acids are heavier on the skin, potentially leading to acne issues. If your skin is normal or dry, alpha hydroxy acids are a better choice.

Step 5

Discuss laser therapy with your dermatologist. Modern lasers can effectively remove freckles from any skin area, including the nose. The laser's light breaks up the freckles' pigment, causing them to fade away. You'll likely see substantial improvement after one treatment but usually a series of sessions are necessary to completely remove the freckles.

Step 6

Rub fresh lemon juice on your nose. This home remedy has been shown to lighten freckles, due to the acidity in the lemon juice. Allow the juice to remain on your skin for approximately 20 minutes before rinsing it off with cool water.