How to Eat Watermelon to Cure Acidity. Day after day you suffer from stomach acidity. You chew dry tablets or swallow some foul liquid to get rid of it. It would be nice if there was something natural, good tasting and inexpensive that could relieve your heartburn symptoms. Check the produce aisle of your supermarket. When you find watermelon, you've found your remedy.

Select a watermelon. There are many varieties, depending on the season of the year and where you live. The melons may be large or small, have yellow, red or pink flesh and seeds or no seeds. Any kind will do.

Make sure the melon is ripe. Unripe melons will not help reduce acidity. To check for ripeness, look at the bottom of the watermelon (the end opposite the stem). Look for a yellow or cream color to the rind. If the rind is green or white, the melon is not ripe.

Store uncut watermelon at room temperature. It will last about 2 weeks if the rind remains intact.

Put cut watermelon in the refrigerator. Be ready to eat it right away. Once cut and chilled, it will only stay fresh for about 3 days.

Prepare the watermelon in any way you like. Cutting it into bite-sized chunks and storing it covered in the refrigerator will make it easy to take it out and eat to cure acidity at any time.

Eat 4 to 6 chunks slowly. Repeat throughout the day. How many you eat and how often will depend on how much discomfort you have. You can eat watermelon to cure acidity as often as once an hour.

Get creative with your watermelon. Blend it to make a refreshing drink. Freeze it plain or make a frozen sorbet or granita. Add other fruits or juices that help cure acidity, such as bananas or coconut milk, and make a smoothie.


If you are the only person in your household eating the watermelon, buy only half or a quarter of a melon from the refrigerator section of the market, so that it will not spoil. The watermelon must be fresh, or it will not help your digestion.


Checking for ripeness before you buy a watermelon is important. The melon does not continue to ripen once it has been cut from the vine. Do not heat watermelon. Cooking reduces its effectiveness against acidity.