How to Eat Roasted Coffee Beans

By Karenna Cochrane

Coffee beans Yogurt Frozen dessert Brownie batter Chocolate bar or baking chocolate

Get creative and you can enjoy your coffee beans, freshly roasted, in many ways.

Step 1

Melt baking chocolate (if you prefer a bitter chocolate), or your favorite chocolate bar and coat your coffee beans in the chocolate. Melt the chocolate on your stop top, combined with butter, or in your microwave, again using better. When the chocolate liquefies, take a tablespoon of melted chocolate and pour it on wax paper. Roll the bean in it. Let them dry on wax paper overnight in your freezer. Remove from the freezer. Place the beans in a plastic container. These make a tasty snack.

Step 2

Cover your roasted coffee beans in a thick coating of yogurt. Using your favorite yogurt, dip the bean and cover it fully. About 1/2 a teaspoon of covering will full coat your bean.The yogurt simply needs to be room temperature. Place on wax paper. Place the wax paper in a plastic container. Put in your deep freeze. Freeze in for 24 hours. Remove the coated beans. Enjoy a delicious frozen snack.Keep them in the freezer for continued frozen, chocolate-yogurt goodness. The end product has the consistency of a frozen-yogurt covered coffee bean.

Step 3

Chop your roasted coffee beans into smaller bits and pieces. Toss them on your favorite ice cream, gelato or frozen yogurt. This is a tasty addition to your favorite blended dessert. Ideal flavor pairings include chocolate, coffee or vanilla frozen product tossed with coffee bits. A very delicious treat for all to enjoy.

Step 4

Bake your favorite brownie recipe. Half way through the baking process coat the roasted beans in flour. Chop them up. Coat in flour again. Distribute the beans evenly throughout the baking brownies. You have created scrumptious coffee-flavored brownies.

Step 5

Eat them solo as a snack. Coffee beans are often sold in cafes and bakeries in small bags for snacks for folks on the go. This is a quick and easy way to enjoy your coffee fix.