By Meg Butler

The carob (Ceratonia siliqua) is actually a legume. The rich, flavorful carob seed pod is edible and often is processed and used as a substitute for chocolate. Unlike cacao, carob pods are naturally sweet and are high in vitamins and mineralst. These healthy pods also can be eaten raw, fresh off of the tree. When fresh and moist, the pods are chewy and sweet -- almost like chocolate toffee.

Carob pods are a great, healthy alternative to chocolate.

Step 1

Pick carob pods straight off of the tree when they are ripe. Ripe carob pods have turned from green to deep brown and are between 4 and 10 inches long. Look for the pods with the thickest skin. Those are the most flavorful.

Step 2

Leave freshly picked carob pods in a bowl to dry at room temperature for three to four days. The carob pod's flavor develops more when it dries a bit.

Step 3

Break the carob pod in half.

Step 4

Bite into the carob pod, and enjoy the chewy goodness. Spit out any seeds that are too tough to chew.